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Since 2004, Castle Rock Homes has been in the forefront of luxurious custom-built homes applying refinements to the architectural details in many desirable Toronto neighbourhoods. Specialising in custom home construction with a modernist keen appreciation for classical architecture, these homes are rooted in tradition but also attuned to the demands and opportunities of life today. They celebrate craftsmanship and quality, comfort and decoration, natural light and importance of connecting the rooms inside with the environment which surround them.

The concept of luxury, like that of taste, has always been personal and our advice is always tailored to our client’s unique requirements, fostering a lasting relationship is our dedication to providing a positive building experience. Though the dynamic combination of discernment, taste, imagination and rigour, we strive to create and exquisite level of refinement, artistry, and craftsmanship with distinctive features, while employing energy-efficiency for our clients to live and enjoy life while minimizing their carbon foot print.

Castle Rock Homes comprises classical attributes and modern essentials in equal measures all underscored with a mandate for authenticity. Our goal is to make homes that create a sense of history over time, attaining to proportions and details, with exceptional quality, all are at the heart of the work we do. With this dedication, we probe deeply to capture the authentic core of our client’s home and we appreciate their ongoing business and referrals which have led to our success.


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